In cheerful displays, BOx holds Barkada Welcoming Week

Written by: Vince Albarillo

Photo by: Allieana Dimalanta

Continuing Ateneo BOx tradition, the Department of Membership Affairs (DOMA) held this year’s version of Tambay Week: BOx Barkada Welcome Week (BBWW) from January 24 to 27, at the Science Education Complex C (SEC-C). The event’s main goal was to create a welcoming environment for BOx members to socialize and build connections.

The project was led by Project Head Allieana Dimalanta (2 BS Biology), under the supervision of AVP for Member Relations Mikko Santos (3 BS Biology). A core team of five members was responsible for the event.

Forging connections, new and old

As a staple of the organization, BBWW sought to fill in relationship gaps and establish connections between old and new members of BOx. During the event, all BOx members were invited to sit down, chat, and relax with their fellows.

“You join [BBWW] seeing strangers and you leave [with them] as your new friends, and that is just amazing,” Dimalanta said in her interview.

She added that despite the existence of established friend groups, participants freely joined and socialized, ultimately succeeding in that aspect of the event’s objectives.

While the event was supposed to be held last year, major changes pushed the project to the current year. Dimalanta mentioned better planning as one of the ways they could improve the project’s implementation. Regardless, she urged members to look forward to the surprises that came with the structure modifications.

Candies and chill 

This year’s iteration of BBWW immersed the SEC-C foyer with a candyland theme, complete with free candies and treats to all who spent their time with BOx. Members were also provided with various tabletop games, giving them the opportunity to bond with their peers through Monopoly and Secret Hitler, among others.

For VP for Membership Affairs Ynno Salloman (3 BS Life Sciences), “[Tambay Week] is like BOx Night where people would get a chance to socialize but without the need to have a program of sorts.”

Participants expressed their contentment with the environment created by the BBWW team. Various students corroborated their satisfaction and enjoyment of the event, particularly the relaxing atmosphere provided given the increasing stress of everyone’s schedules.

Closing rRemarks

This semester’s Tambay Week provided members with a chance to socialize with each other and also gave the planning team more insight as to what to look out for in future BOx initiatives.

Corroborating Dimalanta’s earlier statement, Salloman urged members to look forward to future iterations of BBWW. “Last week’s Tambay Week was not the last they will see for this semester; rest assured that in the following sessions, more activities and games will be done so they should stay tuned!”


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