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Helix is the official publication of the Ateneo Biological Organization – eXplore. eXperience. eXcel. (BOx). The publication strives to engage its community of readers in scientific concepts, issues, and developments with relevance to BOx’s advocacies and the society.


The HELIX Features section transforms scientific concepts into captivating stories related to BOx’s advocacies: biodiversity, animal welfare, and bioeducation in a way that encapsulates human interest and social relevance.


The HELIX Opinion section strives to create valuable and critical discourse about interdisciplinary issues in our society that involve science, particularly biological topics.


The HELIX  Research section features scientific contributions, research studies, theses, and dissertations of students and faculty of the Ateneo and the Filipino community that are aligned with BOx’s advocacies.


The HELIX  News section provides accurate and newsworthy articles about the latest projects and milestones of the Ateneo BOx.

Nov -Dec 2021


HELIX - Issue 1 October