PBO names 4 delegates for international tilt, Former IBO medalist bags championship

The 5th Annual Philippine Biology Olympiad (PBO) 2022: TANAW concludes with the victory of four qualifiers for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), including the championship of Chiara Tan-Gatue, a former IBO medalist. The annual competition, which ran from date to date, aimed to select four student delegates for the IBO out of the 346 total participants while enhancing students’ interests, passions, and skills in the biological sciences.

DOA spearheads Wildlife Week 2021

The Department of Advocacy (DOA) showcased online one of the Ateneo Biological Organization’s advocacies, particularly animal and plant welfare through Wildlife Week on June 7-11. Having the goal of raising awareness for animal and plant welfare, the core team featured infographics, games, and a donation drive.