Internal Projects

LEAP: The Apprenticeship Program

LEAP is a year-long mentorship program for the future leaders of the Ateneo BOx. It aims to develop leadership and management skills and interpersonal relationships among members.


The year-ender party which celebrates the achievements that the organization and its members have achieved for the past school year. It is also where we send of our graduating members as they reminisce about their BOx experience.

Project Management Orientations

The Project Management Orientations is a talk and workshop series throughout the school year that aims to prepare BOx members for core team positions in the organization’s projects. It encompasses a wide-range of training competencies, such as program making, digital arts, and finance and marketing.

BOx Sports and Talents Groups

The BOx Sports and Talents groups are subgroups under the organization that members may join based on their interests and talents. Currently, the sports subgroups consist of BOxStabbers (basketball), VolleyBOx (volleyball), KickBOx (futsal), and BOxStreetBoys (e-games); while the talents subgroups consist of VoiceBOx (singing), BeatBOx (dancing), and TataBOx (academics). The aforementioned groups represent the organization in events and competitions within and beyond the Loyola School.


The Edukit serves as the online database for academic resources for the different courses under the BS Biology and BS Life Sciences program. This allows Bio and LfSci majors to share their notes and reviewers to help other students excel academically.