Blurring The Line

When you blur the line between politics and science in a way that antagonizes science, you risk people becoming so skeptical of science that they intentionally fall deaf to facts. At that point, it is a matter of ignorance. Ignorance is dangerous, especially when the facts are staring at your face.

More Than Just a Pre-Med

As a country which prides itself on its influx of STEM students rearing towards healthcare, we have not completely grasped the full potential of science and its other branches, especially Biology.

All Talk, No Action

Information remains to be key. Be informed, stay informed. The first 100 days of the presidency had already passed. So, being in my curiosity as an aspiring scientist—passionate about science, medicine, and the environment—what has been happening with regard to these?

STEM: Ungendered

Girls need to feel that they have options to choose from because seeing that their gender is not presented enough in STEM careers causes many of them to think that they have no place in these fields at all.

STEM: Shifting Towards an Enlightened Mankind

It began with a dream. It began with women like Hedy Lamarr who not only challenged these stereotypes but showed the world that women are just as capable as men. We know how this battle for equality began. How will it end?

Social Distancing From The Right Information

After two years of constant adaptation to policy and protocol, information and proper use of protocol regarding the virus and prevention seems to fall short. This is no longer just a problem about information dissemination, it now has to do with the discernment of the person who is viewing that information.

Indigenius: The exploited potential of indigenous knowledge

Indigenous knowledge is ripe with potential to advance research and development, and certain groups know this. However, instead of supporting them and collaborating with them, many would rather take the knowledge for their own gain.

Flight of Bird Patrol

Having the coast guards patrol the world’s ocean cover to monitor fishing activities is impractical and almost impossible; given this, the project on albatross trackers sounds like a brilliant plan to me, but what are its downsides?

Does Going Green Go Against Veganism?

Over the past years, vegans have gained both positive and negative attention due to their constant preaching and strong beliefs against slaughtering, which led to people wondering: If killing animals is unethical, why are vegans alright with killing plants? Aren’t plants living things, too?

Alien Organs

Coming from a family with a history of both diabetes and hypertension, I live in fear of one day acquiring them. And, one day, one of my organs may fail because of them. Causing me to require an organ transplant, putting me on a waitlist. A waitlist that, unfortunately, has about 20% to 35% of people on it die without ever getting a transplant. But what if you didn’t need the waitlist? Because you can have an organ made for you. An organ grown in an animal. This is the dream of xenotransplantation.


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