Social Distancing From The Right Information

After two years of constant adaptation to policy and protocol, information and proper use of protocol regarding the virus and prevention seems to fall short. This is no longer just a problem about information dissemination, it now has to do with the discernment of the person who is viewing that information.

Alien Organs

Coming from a family with a history of both diabetes and hypertension, I live in fear of one day acquiring them. And, one day, one of my organs may fail because of them. Causing me to require an organ transplant, putting me on a waitlist. A waitlist that, unfortunately, has about 20% to 35% of people on it die without ever getting a transplant. But what if you didn’t need the waitlist? Because you can have an organ made for you. An organ grown in an animal. This is the dream of xenotransplantation.

Fight or Flight?

It’s hard to imagine a future wherein we can comfortably enjoy ourselves during international travels once more. Even when we aren’t in public spaces, the majority of us have developed the habit of constant sanitation to protect ourselves from the virus.