Behind Broken Beakers

The short answer stands; there prevails an interminable irony between the insistent need for scientific progress and the monetary allowance allotted for such pursuits in the Philippine setting, that despite the apparent importance and urgency of the former, very little financial allocation is administered for its rightful procurement.

A Robot Wrote This Article

Some might think it’s fascinating while others may reckon it scary. You may even surmise that they’re smarter than humans but can they give opinions, express a stand and make ethical decisions? With the rising issue of increasing carbon emissions, can artificial intelligence co-exist with a good environmental state?

Almost Robotic

Like my morning routine, we do habits out of practice; as animals, we get used to it. After all, our habits are an interplay from our behaviors which itself is based on our genes and the environment that we live in. So, how are habits formed?

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

In movies, you’d see children follow butterflies and try to catch them in a jar while other people would buy butterfly growing kits to watch them throughout their growth stages. Meanwhile, moth-growing kits don’t even exist. With this, we ask the question, “Why are certain animals treated better than others?”