Blurring The Line

When you blur the line between politics and science in a way that antagonizes science, you risk people becoming so skeptical of science that they intentionally fall deaf to facts. At that point, it is a matter of ignorance. Ignorance is dangerous, especially when the facts are staring at your face.

Alien Organs

Coming from a family with a history of both diabetes and hypertension, I live in fear of one day acquiring them. And, one day, one of my organs may fail because of them. Causing me to require an organ transplant, putting me on a waitlist. A waitlist that, unfortunately, has about 20% to 35% of people on it die without ever getting a transplant. But what if you didn’t need the waitlist? Because you can have an organ made for you. An organ grown in an animal. This is the dream of xenotransplantation.