BioFair Signups

Hey BOx members 🐳🌟 Are you ready for a fun-filled fair that will lead you to numerous opportunities πŸ‘€?Β 

But before all that, to make BioFair possible, we need YOUR help to piece this memorable event altogether! Yes, you πŸ™Œ! 

Come join us in executing this event that can help shape the future of BOx members alike, and even the LS community. Who knows? Maybe this is finally the sign to sign up for an initiative like BioFair this semester 🀩✍

Interested in joining the team? Find out more about what BioFair has to offer and what roles you can take up in this wonderful initiative by viewing our primer found in the link below:

Already decided? Great πŸ’Ÿ Sign up for the position you want in the link found below:

Sign-ups close by February 28 so make sure to submit the form by then ✨

We can’t wait for you to be on board with us on this journey! See you there πŸ‘


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