BYOPO 2021: Virtual hangout with pets

Writer Name: Angelica Gabatino
Artist Name: BYOPO CT
Published Date: 13 May 2021

To spread the importance of animal welfare and to appreciate animal diversity, Ateneo BOx hosted an advocacy event called Bring Your Own Pet Day Online (BYOPO) 2021 which is dedicated for both Ateneans and non-Ateneans to showcase their precious animal companions and spread awareness on how to take care of different pets. 

The highlight event in BYOPO was a Pet Competition that consisted of four different categories, namely Most Meme-able Pet, Most Exotic Pet, Most AWW-dorable Pet, and Best in Dog Showcase. During a preliminary round, Facebook netizens were given the chance to select the top three Most Meme-able, Most Exotic, and Most AWW-dorable Pets that moved on to the live online event held via zoom last April 17.

With about a hundred participants, Bring Your Own Pet Day commenced with an opening remark by Dr. Ronald Cruz, Ateneo BOx Coordinator and member of the Communitails Board of Directors, who welcomed the pet parents and animal enthusiasts. This was followed by the presentations of the participants for each category, along with some wildlife trivia questions in between. After which, both the zoom participants and Facebook live audience voted for their favorite candidates while having a relaxing yoga session with their pets.  

Awarding of Winners

The Most Meme-able Pet Award was awarded to the pets with a pose fit for the next big meme. The winners of this category are as follows:

1st Place: Chobi the odd-eyed Persian cat, and Andrea Quilang

2nd Place: Bruno the dog living the “pug lyf”, and Rejean Tee

3rd Place: Bailey the pug in froggy hoodie, and Bianca De Guzman

The Most Exotic Pet Award was awarded to the pets that stood out from  the bunch. The winners of this category are as follows:

1st Place: Cholo the air warrior bunny, and Maria Ay-yopan

2nd Place: Milo the sleepy mailman hedgehog, and Sofia de la Paz

3rd Place: Pogpog the professional photographer hedgehog, and Maria Arpas

The Most AWW-dorable Pet Award was awarded to the pets with the cutest of poses. The winners of this category are as follows:

1st Place: Adamme the LA Dodgers Chowski fan, and Amanda Ong

2nd Place: Jack the charming Corgi posterboy, and Clarice Ramos

3rd Place: Gilgamesh the cuddliest kitty, and Patricia Mendoza

The Best in Dog Showcase Award was awarded to the dogs with the best tricks and video presentations. The winners of this category are as follows:

1st Place: Masha the jumping Boston Terrier, and Angel Soriano

2nd Place: Sky the Gemini Black Labrador Retriever, and Roy Villegas

3rd Place: Winter the stylish Samoyed model, and Fiona Eleazar

Not only for pets but for all animals

Closing remarks were delivered by the VP-in-charge Marcus Sahagun who expressed his gratitude to everyone for making the event possible and productive. 

“This love and compassion we showed today towards our best buddies and the best buddies of others is only the first step.” Sahagun said, hoping that these positive values would also be shared to other living creatures as well. He also reminded everyone of the importance of appreciating life in all forms despite the pandemic.

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