BOx broadens its reach with a new website

Article by Joi Muñoz
Graphic by Liana Libongco
Published 2020 September 29

With the COVID-19 pandemic having students adjust their learning situations according to the new normal, the Ateneo BOx produced a way of reaching out and remaining in touch with not only both aspiring and current BOx members, but also the rest of the LS community. BOx welcomes the new academic year ‘20-’21 with the launch of its new official website at

From the efforts of the BOxTech committee led by AVP for Publications Grace Catapang, came a BOx platform that can serve as a reliable and updated source of information enabling anyone to take a glimpse into what the organization is all about.

One of the main topics that the Ateneo BOx website features is the yearly projects facilitated by the organization. Considering that BOx is an advocacy-based organization, readers will find main projects such as Marine Rehabilitation, Bring Your Own Dog Day, the Philippine Biology Olympiad, which promote the three main advocacies: biodiversity, animal welfare, and bioeducation, respectively. In addition to these advocacy-based projects, BOx also functions as the home organization of Biology and Life Sciences majors in Ateneo, and caters to this with its internal projects, such as LaunchBOx and Edukit, both of which promote BOx member welfare and community bonding.

Besides the projects, the website also features Helix, the official publication and magazine of BOx. Helix is composed of four sections: News, which focuses on the current events and latest milestones of the organization; Features, which focuses on captivating readers with interesting and relevant stories related to the three BOx advocacies; Opinion, which focuses on encouraging discourse regarding issues related to science in society; and Research, which focuses on scientific contributions and recent research aligned with the advocacies of BOx gathered from the Ateneo and the Filipino community. In this website, readers can easily peruse the articles in each section and find valuable and fascinating topics. While the articles are posted individually, the past issues can still be accessed through the Helix page of the website.

Not only can readers browse through the Helix articles, but they can also look through other advocacy materials released by the Ateneo BOx. These include BOx’s official statements regarding current societal issues, such as the Anti-Terrorism Bill, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, and even the Australian Wildfires. In addition to the official statements, readers can find infographics published by the BOx Advocacy Department from previous years on interesting topics, like the biodiversity regarding the immune system, and how illegal wildlife trade can become breeding grounds for diseases.

“As we transition to a purely online platform, we hope that the website can help us further communicate the advocacies of BOx,” Grace explained, “Through this website, we want to make it easier for people, especially the BOx and the Ateneo community, to learn more about what we stand for as an organization.”

The creation of a new official website bodes well for BOx. This development has facilitated an easy way for anyone—BOx members, Ateneans, and even non-Ateneans—to get to know the organization and its advocacies. The Ateneo BOx website is officially out, and ready to broaden its reach beyond its Atenean boundaries.

Browse through the website now at!