My Personal Experience with COVID-19

By Patricia Ballelos
Published 2020 April 3 – From Special Issue on COVID-19

What used to be a distant outbreak in China is now a pandemic that affects people across the globe. For us students, the transition from onsite classes to online classes had to occur since we are now under enhanced community lockdown. The spread of COVID-19 meant more self studying and monitoring of the online platforms for assignments, exams and announcements. It’s still something that I am getting used to because it feels odd without a concrete schedule for school. However, I have realized that this is not just something new for us students but for teachers as well. In the end, all of this is being done for everyone’s safety, especially those who are more vulnerable.

My lolo lives with us at home and people in our house still go in and out of the house for work, such as the hospital. We then decided to take careful steps to limit the chance of him getting infected. Because of the necessary precaution, spend less time with him compared to how it used to be, although we all know that this is only for the time being

Other than online classes, it was also my first time attending church online for everyone’s first Sunday during the “enhanced community quarantine” or “lockdown.” This was an interesting experience because despite not being in the same building, technology allowed many to still worship together in spirit.

Lastly, with so much time at home, I find myself continuously scrolling through headlines that show the highs and lows of humanity. Headlines such as an increase in cases, a lockdown on Manila, UP diagnostic kits being manufactured, people hoarding supplies, and more doctors getting affected, but thankfully people recovering from the virus. With so much going on I have this lingering urge to help too. However, as a student, it’s been difficult to realize exactly what kind of difference I could make at this time.

But then, after a while it dawned on me. My personal experience with COVID-19 has not been as drastic as others, especially those on the frontlines, those who have lost public transport or those without access to any food or income during this pandemic. No matter who we are, the biggest way we can take part in helping the situation get better is through cooperation, hope and empathy. It’s not being selfish but truly taking into consideration how the small choices that we make con impact others.

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