Tambay Week 1: BOxYard Finding a Good Way to Spend the Last Weeks of The Semester

By Angela Michelle Alcaraz and Anna Beatriz Melo
Published 2019 December 16 – From December 2019 Issue

From November 25 to 29, 2019, BOx members were given the chance to bond with their fellow org members during Tambay Week 2019: BOxYard, which was held at SEC-B Foyer. This event allowed BOX members to chill and rest from their studies. Many members were able to watch shows such as Phineas and Ferb and Friends, as well as play games such as Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, and Smash Up, which was brought by Sir Ronald Cruz. They were also given the option to participate in different activities, like the Daily Bucket List.

The Daily Bucket List had four different tasks for BOx members to complete for each day of Tambay Week. It included tasks such as hugging a tree, taking a jump shot in front of Matteo Ricci, or even taking a video of yourself saluting a Major Monogron cutout. Doing a certain number of these tasks earn members one retention point and a chance to win a Hydroflask!

Members also got the opportunity to play video games and board games such as Tekken and Dungeons and Dragons, respectively. If members weren’t playing games or watching shows, then they were probably studying together or even jamming to music with a guitar brought by a member of VoiceBOX.

“Overall, I think that the event was great,” said AVP for Member Relations Alyssa Tañas. “It served its purpose and it is visible on how many people went to the Foyer during the week. It is inevitable that the core team faced some challenges but I am happy with the outcome, especially since it’s the first time for most of them to be part of a 5-day project. It seems like many BOX members appreciated the event since they got to know other BOX members and many of them are requesting for more Tambay Weeks in the upcoming semester. I’m looking forward to Tambay Week 2 myself, and hopefully we’ll be able to schedule it on a less hectic week so that members can really focus on chilling and bonding with each other.”

Tambay Week 2019 was overall a fun-filled experience. Many of the members were able to play video games and board games with each other, making it more interactive. Others were just able to use this time to study and rest. Either way, the activities during Tambay Week: BOxYard served as a way for BOx members to spend their time and meet or bond with other members of the organization.

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