Pledge-A-Coral Week: Supporting Biodiversity as an Atenean Community

By Joi Muñoz
Published 2019 November 4 – From November 2019 Issue

Pledge Week 2019

From October 28-31, the Kostka Extension housed BOx advocates looking to raise money during this year’s Pledge-a-coral Week! This event served as a fundraiser to uphold BOx’s advocacies of protecting animals, conserving biodiversity, and promoting bioeducation.

At the booth, the members encouraged anyone and everyone who passed by to pledge for the corals, offering goodies such as animal pun-related stickers, cuddly whale plushies, as well as caps embroidered with a whale shark just like William, the BOx Butanding. Many students of the LS community gladly pledged, happy that they could make a difference in our environment.

“There were 87 people who pledged, and we were able to garner over 19k from the pledges,” stated VP for Finance Jel Salamanca, who was delighted to have surpassed his 15k goal in only 4 days.

The Pledge-a-coral Week Finance Heads, Diego Pangilinan and Justine Dy, were both also overjoyed at the impact that the BOX advocacies have on many Ateneans, whether they’re part of the organization or not.

“I was surprised by the number of people really interested in saving the corals,” Diego admitted. “It’s just really refreshing to see a big number of people genuinely interested as well in what is also my own drive for ocean rehabilitation.”

“Since BOx is an organization that is not really in line with my SOM course, this project is a reminder that everyone has a role in contributing to the safety of our environment – even the corals.” Justine added. “You get to really see people who are really sincere and genuine in helping save the environment, and there are a lot.”

The money from this event will be used in BOx’s Marine Rehabilitation happening on November 16, where the participants will spend a day replanting corals, cleaning the beach, and living out the advocacies that pushes BOx forward as an organization!

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