Tryouts and Auditions Week: Expanding Talents Beyond the Sciences

By Bea Lipana
Published 2019 October 5 – From October 2019 Issue

Last September 16-20, interested BOx members were given the chance to showcase their talents in hopes of getting accepted and representing the organization in the different competitions that will occur throughout the year.

AVP for Talents and Sports Andre Abangan, along with BOx team captains, hosted their tryouts throughout the week, with each tryout process being specific to the nature of their team.

For the performing arts division, BeatBOx captain Althea Diaz, tasked applicants to prepare a 1 minute choreography. In addition, applicants were also taught a choreography from current BeatBox members themselves to which they must execute flawlessly, resulting in a total of 9 applicants being accepted and welcomed to their family. Currently, BeatBOx is preparing for the upcoming Rhythm-inBlue, an inter-organization dance competition hosted by the Company of Ateneo Dancers which will occur in November.

VoiceBOx captain Carlos Ambrosio also hosted their auditions that week wherein interested applicants, whether vocalists or instrumentalists, were tasked to prepare a 1 minute performance to showcase their artistic abilities. The music group warmly welcomed 14 applicants into their family, stating that they were very excited to share their passion for music with BOx and the rest of the Ateneo Community.

BOxStabbers captain Liam Bautista, KickBOxers captain Alfonso Tiaoqui, and VolleBOx captains Kyle Sante and Reno Sastre had applicants play drills and scrimmages in order to see their level of expertise in the sport.

“We were very happy to see a lot of freshmen and sophomores come over and tryout,” Abangan said. In conclusion, a total 18 applicants were accepted into BOxStabbers, while KickBOxers accepted around 21 applicants. VolleyBox, on the other hand, has yet to finish deliberations but will be releasing the results soon. IAC Games, hosted by the Ateneo Intramurals Athletics Council, are currently ongoing, so check out the table below and be sure to support our teams during their October games!

With the amazing turnout for this year’s tryouts and auditions, Abangan says that he is very excited for the school year and that the rest of the members should be as well.

“Looking at this year’s pool of athletes, musicians and dancers, I think we really have the potential to be one of the top contenders in both the sports and performing arts competitions,” declared Abangan.

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